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"Be a Man"


Growing up and being a male I have heard the phrase “be a man” very much. Anything that isn’t slightly masculine and you get an earful about how much of a girl or “gay” you are. It makes me wonder what is a man?

When some one doesn’t want to get dirty and someone says, “be a man” does that mean that if they don’t they physically aren’t a male any more? Obviously not, penises do not disappear as…

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Sometimes I Try too Hard

Sometimes I Try too Hard

Do you ever look at a picture or hear a song and think,”How is that famous”?


This sold for $137 million, yes million.

As a musician I love listening and breaking apart music that I hear both on the radio or other people’s original creations. I often am stunned with the flow of their music and how simple yet compelling it really is. When I hear these good songs I wonder why I cannot do this!


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We Are Not Our Jobs

We Are Not Our Jobs

How many times have you heard “I hate the police” or “Telemarketers are the scum of the Earth!”. Probably countless other professions can tick someone right off. Something people often forget though, is that the people behind the jobs are more than just the actions they are paid to do. 

I’ll try to stay unbiased but, with the recent Ferguson riots I was extremely annoyed with all of the people…

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Confidence Versus Cockiness

Tae Kwon Do is a fantastic skill to learn. As with most forms of martial arts it teaches you more than it physically teaches you. For example you go to learn how to protect yourself and in turn at the same time you learn respect, confidence, patience, and countless other characteristics. I had the pleasure of teaching Tae Kwon Do for a number of years and had many interesting experiences. They…

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A Test of Humanity and Your Comfort Level

A Test of Humanity and Your Comfort Level

Hello. Are you bored? I have a new game to challenge you to. It is not an easy game but it sounds like a ton of fun! This game pushes the limits of your comfort and trust and possibly your survival skills. 

Here’s the main concept: You have your friends drop you off really far away and you have to get back as fast as possible without a phone. You can walk if you are desperate, but the preferred…

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